Discipleship Training School (DTS)

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The DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING SCHOOL (DTS) is a prerequisite for all other YWAM schools and is a requirement for becoming staff anywhere in YWAM.

The DTS is an intensive training experience involving 3 or more months of discipleship classes, balanced with 3 or more months of practical missions in The Philippines and abroad. The DTS is designed to help you cultivate a deeper relationship with God, strengthen your character and discover your unique purpose and calling. Cross-cultural exposure is a special emphasis throughout the course, preparing you to answer Christ’s call to “Go into all the world and disciple all nations” (Matt. 28:19)

During your DTS, you will be challenged to…

Learn to hear God and follow His leading
Explore your strengths and find your unique identity in Christ
Expand your vision and discover God’s plan for your life
Live out what you say you believe
Overcome apathy and live a passionate Christian life

During the first 12 weeks of the DTS—known as the “Lecture Phase”—you’ll find answers to those questions and many more. Your classes will explore different aspects of God’s character, how He relates to us and how we can best relate to Him. You will learn how to develop consistency in your daily devotional (quiet) times, as well as how to effectively study the Bible. Most of all, you’ll learn how your spiritual life fits in with the rest of your life. And speaking of the rest of your life, DTS isn’t just about filling you up with head knowledge you’ll never use—it’s about giving you opportunities to put your faith into action.

In the second half of your DTS—known as the “Outreach Phase”—you will spend 12 weeks or more taking part in a missions experience. From sharing your faith reaching out to Children, youth, adults and tribal groups, outreach will allow you to impact lives in powerful and practical ways. This part of DTS is about showing you how you can creatively and strategically reach out to others—no matter where in the world you are.

Ultimately, the DTS is about CHANGE—changing your perspective on what it means to walk with God and allowing Him to change you into someone better than you ever thought you could be.


Topics Include:

  1. Hearing the voice of God
  2. Prayer and Intercession
  3. Biblical World View
  4. Father Heart of God
  5. Evangelism
  6. Missions
  7. Children at Risk
  8. Worship as a Life Style etc



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