HTV Family Ministry


To Train and equip God-fearing, responsible parents who will develop loving and caring relationships in their families and the community with regular employment which will guarantee nutritious meals for every child, safe homes, sound schooling and adequate hygiene as a foundation for emotional and social development of every family member.


The HTV Family Ministry aims to train and equip the poor parents of this village, to teach their youth and children godly principles and to include the neighborhood in the village in community development projects so that every family member will have a personal relationship with God, can access Government provided services, has basic needs provided in a safe home and every child will have sound education.

What will be accomplished?

Family members develop a personal relationship with God and take responsibility for their lives.

Fathers have a job according to their abilities or have additional training for a job.

Mothers run livelihood projects that won’t conflict with having quality time with and for their children.

Parents know how to raise their children in a godly way.

Drop out Youth go back to school and become a support for the parents.

Children receive nutritious meals, sound education, appropriate hygiene and live in a safe and loving home.

Children grow up with an understanding of who God is.

Neighborhood engages in community development programs and support systems.

Families have access to Government provided services and the knowledge how to avail.