SALT Team – Servants of Agdao for Life Transformation

The SALT Team – Servants of Agdao for Life Transformation – is a ministry of Youth With A Mission in Agdao. We reach out especially to the youth in conflict with the law in Barrio Kinabuhi (“Community of Life”), Leon Garcia, an urban poor community where hopelessness, violence, hunger, gangs and high unemployment are present within the City of Davao. YWAM has trained youth from the community and the local Four Square Gospel Church who are volunteers for the weekly youth fellowship and discipleship.

“This ministry is like a Mango Tree growing up within the community and bearing fruits. These fruits are the youth that grow ripe, fall down to the ground only to bear fruits themselves – new Mango Trees.” – One Agdao Youth

Our vision is to see young people of Agdao living a life of faith in Christ and being empowered as agents of change to follow God’s call and to see this community being transformed.

This ministry aims to reach out and create holistic discipleship for the youth/subcultures of Agdao in order to release them to their part in God’s kingdom and showing mercy and love to the community.

Oasis Family Ministries

Oasis Family Ministries, Inc. is a Foundation registered and audited in the Philippines and created to support poverty stricken families in Agdao. It promotes family and community education based on Christian values and supports schooling costs of children from disadvantaged families through sponsorship and college-level scholarships.

Youth Fellowship

YWAM is involved in the weekly Youth Fellowship for the High School and College Youth of Oasis-sponsored children and their friends. They come from different religious affiliations and backgrounds. Through teaching and various activities we encourage them to follow Christ and have a personal relationship with Him and to be involved in a church.

Leadership Training

The college youth are also given the opportunity to be trained in leadership through monthly teaching, mentoring and practical application at the youth fellowship according to their gifting.

Some ways that you can partner with us:

Give your time or skill as a volunteer for three months or longer with us in Agdao. Here are some things you could do:

  • Be involved with the different ministries in YWAM Agdao for evangelism, discipleship, house-visits, cooking for Project Feed, preparing and teaching for weekly children and youth activities
  • Teach guitar to the youth
  • Teach computer and research skills at Oasis Family Center
  • Serve our partner church- Four Square Gospel Church in teaching moral values based on the Bible to children and youth who are sponsored by a government project